Rows and rows of…

Rows and rows of

What fun it is to walk into a familiar place and suddenly see something from a different perspective! That’s what happened when I went for a manicure at CK Nails on University Parkway today and saw the “rows and rows of…” nail polish.  Out to the car I rushed to retrieve my camera.  Mani-pedi anyone?


Butterflies and Bees

bee on flower butterfly and bee on flower

two butterflies on flower


When I saw Butterflies and/or Bees as a category, I couldn’t wait to get to the house of my friend in CT whose garden attracts both. She didn’t have as many butterflies this year as she’s had in the past, but bees were abundant.  My big wish was to get a shot that had both a butterfly and a bee in it–which the second one has.




Before our snowbird years came to an end, we used to live in Dennis, MA on Cape Cod.  At the bottom of our street was a Congregational Church and an old graveyard with stones dating back to the early 1800’s.  When we visited the Cape a couple of weeks ago, I had my husband stop at the cemetery so I could photograph it.  I had never wandered through it before and was surprised to find numerous tombstones with the name Howes on them.  Since my husband is a Howes descendent with a long family history on the Cape, I shot some pictures of stones of what must have been distant relatives.  In this case, the deceased is Daniel Howes, who died in 1865.

Shot through glass

Shot through glass


I was really looking forward to a dinner cruise on Marina Jack II in order to be able to shoot scenes on the water.  Unfortunately, it was pouring when we boarded, so instead, looing out the glass window, I sat with camera in hand trying to get a picture of a lightning strike. When I realized I had actually captured one, I was thrilled.

Lamp Posts

Shining Light Lamppost 1     Shining Light Lamppost 2


This week I was at the Carter Presidential Center in Atlanta, GA.  It’s an incredibly inspirational venue, and I was sad not to be able to spend an entire day there.  On the walkway to the Center is the  above lamp post with Jimmy Carter’s Shining Light Award.  The work he and Rosalynn have done to foster peace and well being in the world unquestionably brings brightness to a troubled universe.  Oh that we could all be so motivated…

Below the Knees

below the knees

My husband has difficulty both with walking and with finding comfortable shoes–especially comfortable shoes that look half-way decent.  Thankfully his close friend shops more than my husband does (which is never), found shoes he liked, and voila, now they have copycat shoes. This is the second time this has happened, but my first picture of their copycat feet is 4 years old, so I couldn’t include it in this challenge.